Business organizations involve complex interactions of economic and social forces. We observe and analyze organizations using a combination of economics, ethics, sociology and systems theory.


Why should IT students learn about business and organizations? How is it relevant for a career in IT?
Practical Side
Theoretical Side
For planning, designing and implementing IT solutions for people in organizations ...
... you need to know how people work in organizations
For planning, designing and implementing IT solutions as management support tool ...
... you need to know how management works in organizations.
For running IT projects with people in organizations ...
... you need to know how people work effectively in teams.
Appreciating the business value and human cost of IT systems.
Understanding IT systems as an expression of a particular theory of management.
IT systems inherit management agenda
Value of IT systems is only meaningful within a given management agenda.
IT systems may inherit any political, social or ethical critique of the management agenda.

Your Experience with Organizations

It will help you understand the course material if you can connect it with your own experience. Older students may have many years of work experience - but even school-leavers may have some relevant experience.
Types of Organization
Typical Role
Schools & Colleges
Religious Organizations & Charities
Clubs & Unions
Political Parties & Governments
Work: Offices, Shops & Factories
Consumer: Banks, Shops, Internet
Participant / Observer
Volunteer / Conscript
Insider / Outsider
Manager / Managed
Team Member / Individual

Your Future with Organizations

Your motivation for studying business and organizations may be connected to your future aspirations. During your career, you may wish to take a variety of roles in organizations.
Types of Organization
Possible Role
Business: Commercial & Industrial
Public Administration, Police, Armed Forces
Not-For-Profit, Campaigning, Missionary
Arts & Sports
Task Force, Team, Project, Programme
Joint Venture, Partnership
no ranking implied
Founder / Director / Entrepreneur
Manager / Employee
Elected / Appointed Official
Team Leader
System Engineer
Researcher / Reporter